Cycling – 3D Sculptural Painting

I unique painting by Sarah Perryman

A Unique Twist on Painting

My husband reassured me that, after our move to the Dallas area, I would be able to integrate everything I love into my art. Therefore, I challenged myself to make that specific idea a reality. This unique painting is the result.

I love vintage artwork and I love geometric designs. Paintings with texture appeal to me and so do mid-century color combinations. Also, I love sculpting and building. Cycling is the first piece I have done which combines all of my favorite art attributes into one.

What Makes This Painting Special?

Painted on an 18×24 canvas, the acrylic background is full of texture. I used a beautiful mix of blues, tans, and yellows to both join the colors together in one scheme and separate the geometric patterns. Interestingly, the colors bled into the white lines just a little. It gives the painting more expression and the feeling of nature.

Additionally, taken from vintage designs and various time periods, the bicycles were 3D printed by hand. Most notably, is the Penny-Farthing bicycle with the large front wheel. Three of these sculpted bikes are raised off of the canvas. This adds another dimension to the image and allows the bicycles to cast a shadow on the canvas in strong light.

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