Giraffe Sculpture

The holiday season continues! This beautiful gentle giraffe wall sculpture is for a very sweet lady, my Mother-in-Law.

This is a special gift for a very sweet lady. She lives quite a ways away. Therefore, I was nervous to place it in the trunk of our car. The giraffe sculpture has so many delicate lines and features. I really didn’t want anything to come apart on the way. However, the strength of my hand printed 3D art always amazes me. Everything worked out wonderfully!

The 3D giraffe was very enjoyable to make. I started with an outline of the head and the rectangular spots. Next, I filled in the spots with free-flowing designs. Finally, I connected it all together with hundreds of small zigzags. The flowers and ear are 3D and stand out from the wall a few inches. It helps make this piece even more special. The mane was a challenge. I thought up a new technique and this gave me the perfect opportunity to try it out. Again, I added hundreds of strands to it and bent them to create the hairs.

To see my first hand printed 3D wall sculpture look here!

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