Freedom – 3D Motorcycle Painting

What do you give the couple who are a wonderful mix of sweet and daring? Motorcycles!

This Freedom – 3D Motorcycle Painting concluded my 2018 holiday creative spree. I needed to make something for a wonderfully and lively couple. Fortunately, that was an easy task. They both love motorcycles.

To begin I had to do some online research to find two motorcycle body styles that really appealed to me. Though I knew there were a lot of beautiful bikes I finally, I settled on a classic Harley and an Indian Triumph motorcycle. Both of the bikes have extraordinary lines and a lot of fun details. Also, my Grandpa Cecil use to have an Indian.

As I worked, I built up the tires and wheels, layered pipes, tubes, rods. I tried very hard to keep with the original textures of each part. Unfortunately, the Freedom – 3D Motorcycle Painting picture does not do it justice. Finally, I mounted each bike above the canvas with clear rods. Also, the painting on the canvas was inspired by the wife’s love of teal, a color I am really into right now!

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You can see a similar set made form vintage 1912 motor cars here.

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